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Dear Friends of The Kid’s College,

Thank you for your support of the children of North County. We are proud to have provided enrichment to thousands of children due to generous donations from individuals and organizations.  Every amount helps us reach more children with enrichment activities that enhance a child’s academic performance and make them better rounded individuals.

I believe the best reasons to support our programs are expressed by the children themselves. Please view their handwritten comments to the right. I think you will see that these experiences have a big impact and make a difference. Children deserve to have a diverse set of experiences, tapping into their creative spirits, uncovering a talent, discovering a new interest that can stay with them for life.  Join us today and help to give better futures! Your donation today can make sure that more children get these life enhancing opportunities.

Thank you for supporting their dreams, and helping to expand the horizons and enrich the lives of North County children.


Ann Little – Executive Director of The Kid’s College