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Paul Ecke Oceans MosaicThe Kid’s College received partial funding from the City of Encinitas and Mizel Family Foundation Community Grant Program for an exciting Oceans Ecology Extended Learning program coupled with a student Mosaic project at Paul Ecke Central Elementary School in Encinitas.

We are honored to partner with  Dr. Tim Lueker, Mosaic Artist, Art Commissioner for the City of Encinitas, and visiting scholar at the Scripps inst. of Oceanography. Dr Lueker’s  Ph.D. is in Oceanography and he has worked in climate change research at Scripps for 22 years.  Dr Luker is also an accomplished mosaic artist.  The grant program  provided a 10 week art and science class after school at Ocean Knoll Elementary where the students learned about coral reef ecology and climate change. The students then designed their own creatures, and in the process become aware of what it’s like to live in the sea for these inhabitants. As a culminating experience students incorporated their new understanding by designing and fabricating a mosaic of a coral reef setting in the sea. The final mural is installed at Paul Ecke Central Elementary School.